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Men's Aviator Jackets

When you’re tired of browsing the usual collections of leather jackets and want to get something different next time you're shopping for stylish outerwear pieces, we have the perfect answer.

Two words: Aviator Jackets

Once, these jackets may have been limited to the apparel of pilots who dealt with the chilly air wafting in from open cockpits. But now, Men’s aviator jackets have made their way into modern fashion, appreciated by men and women who love good leather outerwear with a few bells and whistles to make an ensemble stand out.

At Marco Enzolani, we’ve got a range of premium quality aviator jacket for mens that checks off both necessary features on your style checklist: comfort and elegance. Best of all, all the pieces are made out of the finest leather, so you know that you're not just getting a jacket, but an investment piece!

Why Buy Aviator Leather Jackets?

Why not? Leather aviator jackets make the cut when you consider fashionable outwear with a functional side. These may be timeless, but Men’s aviator jackets go fantastically well with most modern casual fashion choices for both men and women. From shirts and jeans to skirts and matching separates, you can effortlessly pair a stylish aviator jacket from Marco Enzolani with any kind of casual to a business casual outfit.

When it comes to men’s aviator jackets, you can shop with an easy mind knowing that it's the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe for the winter season. The production of aviator jackets differs a bit from that of fitter leather jackets, such as bomber jackets. The final result is a slightly puffier jacket that keeps you warm, whether you choose to wear it while cruising on the bike, hiking to a scenic view, or just simply out and about on a casual date or hangout on a chilly night.

Still not sure that an aviator jacket is a jacket for you?  At Marco Enzolani, we have an exclusive range, primarily comprising aviator shearling jackets. Crafted from the finest raw material, these genuine leather jackets are not only chic but also very durable.

What makes an aviator sheepskin jacket so versatile is that you can find coziness, panache, and long-lasting use all in one perfect piece of outerwear!

Classic Mens Aviator Jackets

We carry a range of aviator jackets, including the basic, classic version for those who wish to stay true to long-standing trends. The traditional aviator jacket is discernable for its collar and length. There’s the wide fur section on the collar that usually runs all the way down to the base of the jacket, and the length that goes past the waist, sometimes even down to the hips. These are the features that not only make our men’s aviator jackets stylish but also serve the purpose these were originally intended for—to protect the wearer from elemental factors.

At Marco Enzolani, all our aviator jackets bear two of the essential design elements of the classic aviator jacket mens. Other than this, you’ll find that we’ve stocked jackets in which designers have taken some liberties with pocket and zipper/button details to for a contemporary vibe.

Regardless of whether you’re shopping for a traditional leather aviator jackets men or looking for something more a slight more modern touch to pair with your favorite outfits, Marco Enzolani has you covered!

Marco Enzolani’s Selection Of Aviator Jackets

We have a collection of Men’s aviator jackets that is sure to impress even the most selective shopper. Wondering what styles and colors you can find in aviator jackets for mens? We've focused on making our range as diverse as possible so that you can find a jack that perfectly suits your usual style!

  • Traditional Black Aviator Jackets

When it comes to Men’s aviator jackets, the color black is the top choice due to its sleekness and versatility. However, our black aviator jackets are also paired with brown fur edges at the collar, sleeves, and hemline.

For the truly fashion savvy with a preference for matching their jackets to belts and shoes, this two-toned style is truly marvelous.

  • Men's Aviator Bomber Jacket

Looking for something along the lines of a fusion in men’s aviator jackets? Marco Enzolani is the perfect place to shop for those who love to steer away from traditional clothing styles and experiment with combos. One of the most popular leather jackets in out range is the type of aviator jacket that we like to refer to as bomber jacket.

As these jackets feature either the classic aviator collar with the length of a bomber jacket, or a bomber collar with the long length you’ll usually find in traditional aviator jacket, these don’t stick to one kind of leather jacket range.

  • Other Leather Aviator Jackets

Not feeling going with anything black in your outfit? Brown aviator jacket it is! These jackets are very similar to traditional leather bomber and biker jackets but with the added flair of fur trimmings. You can pair your classic brown aviator jacket from Marco Enzolani with both neutral and bold-colored garments.

As for the appeal of tan aviator jackets for men—let’s just say that if you want Instagram-worthy selfies and snapshots on your next trip, shop from our collection and pack in your jacket without a second thought!

Pick Your Favorite Fur Lining On Leather Aviator Jackets

The fur the lines the collar of an aviator jackets, and often the sleeves and hem as well, is usually white, other times black. The former is the more popular choice, as mens fur aviator jacket look chic and stand out from the rest of the leather jackets due to the contrasting feature. Whether you are getting a black or a tan jacket, waist length and perfectly fitted or longer and more slouchy-looking jacket, contrasting-colored fur is always an appealing choice.

Of course, you can also go for and all-black aviator jacket with fur. That’s when—you guessed it—the fur linings on your jacket are black, usually in a darker shade than the jacket’s colors. You may also find cream colored fur on black jacket, a combination that works best for your neutral colored outfits.

Marco Enzolani’s team focuses on variety because we want you to have a piece that not only makes you feel confident as a leather jacket does, but is also incredibly useful. We want you to be able to wear your stylish, fur-lined aviator jacket every opportunity you get when you’re heading out during chillier weather, cruising on a bike or taking a road trip, or packing for a vacation to the mountains and lakes!

A Range Of Shades In Aviator Leather Jackets

When it comes to colors of all kinds of leather jackets, we cater to diverse tastes! A good part of our range comprises the standard mens aviator jacket black, but we’ve also included other shades.

Looking for something that pairs well with lighter colored getup? How about a classic mens tan aviator jacket? Paired with white fur collar and linings at the hem and sleeves, it’s the perfect solution for a trend-savvy personality. You can’t go wrong with equipping your wardrobe with a tan or brown leather aviator jacket!

Of course, a black aviator jacket remains a favorite for its charm, delivering a sense of sureness no matter which outfit you pair it with. You’ll find both charcoal and raven black aviator jacket varieties. Whichever jacket you pick out based on your preferred suede hue, Marco Enzolani can guarantee exceptional vibrancy that endures constant use and elemental factors. We strive to help you own a leather jacket that can last a lifetime!

Premium Men’s Aviator Jackets

At Marco Enzolani, we focus on both style and substance. With a premium range comprising genuine leather aviator jackets, we are the one-stop shop for shoppers with a preference for the very best of wardrobe staples.

We make sure that the materials in our aviator shearling jackets are sourced from leading leather goods providers, as each jacket is hand-picked by our experts. Authenticity is at the base of each of our collections, from aviator jackets to leather bomber jackets.

In short, your search for high-grade leather outerwear ends here. Best of all, each jacket is lightweight, like donning a second skin, keeping you comfortable. Wear an aviator jacket from Marco Enzolani to parties, casual meetups, road trips, excursions, or as everyday relaxed outwear—we guarantee a fantastic experience of a fine-looking getup and an easygoing feel!

Other Aviator Jackets In Our Store

In addition to aviator leather jackets for men, we also have unisex and women’s options. The beauty of women aviator jackets is that these can be worn with various casual getups, from jeans and tops to skirts and sweatshirts. Whether you need to go out and run some chores when its cold out, or even pair a lightweight aviator jacket with a dress for a casual hangout, we promise a piece of garment that works well as a central item, a head-tuner in every ensemble!

Marco Enzolani’s aviator jackets for mens and women are available in inclusive sizes for those who want to add some flair to their getup and rock a great jacket without compromising on comfort. Not only are you able to make a fashion-forward statement, you can also get more variety in your outerwear!

Feel like taking your style game a notch by switching to something more dashing than a sweater? Aviator leather jackets are your answer!

Go ahead and browse our selection of aviator jackets; we’ve included jackets that are perfect for effortless layering in chilly weather. This fall and winter season, don one of our Men’s aviator jackets and rock a head-turning outfit!

Looking For Perfect Men’s Aviator Jackets?

The men’s aviator jackets in our range feature comfortable internal lining, genuine sheepskin material, and high-quality fur trimmings. We have put in a lot of effort to ensure that our garments meet your expectations. Every aspect, from designs and variety to production and delivery, is carefully executed, as Marco Enzolani is all about fulfilling customer satisfaction.

All our aviator jackets for mens are crafted to withstand tough conditions, whether it's for aviation, motorcycle journeys, hiking and trekking, or any other adventure. These jackets are widely popular as one of the most comfortable choices of outerwear among a wide range of winter coats and jackets.

Simply put, we promise that your jacket will keep you warm and comfortable, and feel pleasant even in harsh weather conditions. Perfectly finished seams, spacious waist pockets, and luxurious lining paired with buttery smooth real leather outer finish—what more can you ask for?

Buy Men’s Leather Aviator Jackets At Marco Enzolani

You asked for exceptional leather aviator jackets, and we delivered. Explore our range of classic and modern style aviator jackets, and find your fit from our inclusive size range in your preferred style. Check the size chart for each jacket to find your precise size. To ensure the lifespan of your aviator jacket, we recommend you only o for soft dry clean—no wash or tumble dry.

Shop now. At Marco Enzolani, we guarantee high quality, the best prices, and quick shipping!

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