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Article: Guide for Men to Effortlessly Style a Bomber Jacket

Guide for Men to Effortlessly Style a Bomber Jacket

Guide for Men to Effortlessly Style a Bomber Jacket

When it comes to men's fashion, leather jackets are a mainstay of the daring, adventurous criteria of apparel. And, within the leather jackets range, men’s bomber jacket is a favorite type for its sleek cut, length, and additions. While there are very few rules for styling a bomber jacket, you can always learn a few tips about donning this garment to be added to the truly fashionable crown.

How To Effortlessly Style A Bomber Jacket?

The first thing you need to wear is confidence. Sure, leather jackets have that quality where adding it to your outfit immediately gives you this feeling of resilience, like you're ready to take on anything that comes your way. But it always helps to wear any piece of clothing with surety if you need to feel comfortable, feel good—and automatically look good too. And the next step is pairing and matching, to exude as much suave as possible.

How to style a bomber jacket? Here are some easy-peasy ways to put together great-looking apparel.

Enhance The Style Of A T-Shirt Outfit

The first idea in how to style a bomber jacket is to make contrasting fits work together. Where a t-shirt is a more form-fitting piece of clothing, a bomber jacket has a looser yet silhouette-flattering look. Pair the two, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination that balances body proportions.

Plus, a bomber jacket is a superb way to dress up that favorite t-shirt of yours that you like for its color, fit, or graphics that help you start a conversation. Additionally, if you’ve got a classic bomber jacket like the B3 Bomber Jacket with the fur collar and edges—the whole enchilada—then pairing it with a t-shirt is how you also keep things breathable for daytime outfits.

Add a bomber jacket to your t-shirt for a night out to a fancier place with friends, for a chilly day when you need something cozy yet chic, or even for a casual movie date—and you've got yourself an effortlessly stylish outfit!

Make A Sweatshirt Cozier

One of the hardest clothing combinations to accomplish is pairing a leather jacket with a slightly thick top, like a sweatshirt or a pullover hoodie. However, given that a bomber jacket—especially a varsity-style bomber jacket—can have a relaxed fit, particularly at the sleeves, you can pull off a sweatshirt-leather jacket combo without hassle.

How to style a bomber jacket for winter? Light fleece, cable-knit, or cashmere, all these materials work well underneath a bomber jacket, and you can move around easily. A pullover hoodie works best if you have a non-traditional fur collarless jacket.

Of course, this pairing is more on the winter outfit side of things, so make sure it won’t be sweltering hot for you if you decide on the combo. Dress up your sweatshirt-bomber getup with a pair of jeans/chinos and sneakers, and create a head-turning look!

Let’s Take Athleisure Style Up A Notch

Leisurely athletic wear is one of the best additions to the ongoing trends in both men's and women's clothing. You can be out and about running chores or shopping in the comfiest out and still carry a classy look. However, if you want to further elevate your appearance, buy leather jacket online, keeping a preference for bomber jackets, and get yourself the perfect piece of outerwear for athleisure.

It’s the puffier sleeves part of this garment that makes it such an effortless combination with trousers. That’s because the similar kind of fits in top and bottom pieces of your clothing create a seamless flow in silhouette. It's a getup that's laid-back yet fine, relaxing yet stylish, and modern yet classic.

Go Dressy With A Button-Down Collar Shirt

Looking to style a bomber jacket for men in a getup that leans on the edge of semi-formal? Then go for a nice button-down shirt and loafers with your jacket. Leather jackets are the only casual jackets that pair well with and boost the elegance of a collared shirt.

A bomber jacket creates a silhouette that does not take away the smartness of a collared shirt but still adds a sense of adventure to your look. Switching from sneakers to loafers or even any other semi-formal dressy shoes like derby shoes is a simple way to style yourself for a casual event.

A Unique Pairing Of Jacket And Shorts

How about a less uncommon yet no less chic pairing when it comes to testing out outfits with a bomber jacket? How about shorts or capris? It's a difficult pairing to pull off, but remember that a bomber jacket is not always black, not always fur-collared, and not always for those who ride a bike or take daring trips.

How to style a bomber jacket with shorts or capris? You've got khaki and other light-colored bomber jackets. Also, there are varsity or letterman-style bomber jackets. And these go very, very well with pants or trousers other than those with classic full-length.

Best of all, this style is your solution to the dilemma that is how to choose the perfect leather jacket for a vacation. You choose a non-traditional bomber jacket and add a pair of relaxed-fitting capris or shorts. This way you’ve got a laid-back ensemble for an easy-breezy vacation look and fantastic photographs.

Plus, if really want to wear a fleece or leather bomber jacket despite the weather being non-chilly, adding shorts is the perfect way to ensure you keep cool and look the same!

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