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Article: Top 10 Leather Jacket Styles for Men in 2024

Leather Jacket Styles for Men

Top 10 Leather Jacket Styles for Men in 2024

For fashion lovers, a leather jacket is a versatile must-have garment. Even traditional men leather jacket styles work wonders to lift the appeal of an outfit. Add to this the fact that leather jackets are quite cozy, and you've got your winter wear sorted by adding one or a couple to your closet!

Leather Jacket Styles For Men: Expert’s Edition

Browsing styles of leather jacket for men? Not sure how to choose the perfect leather jacket? There are a number of leather jackets to choose from, and we’ve picked out the top 10 trendiest choices for you. Read on!

1. Classic Biker Jackets

The classic biker jacket, it’s one of THE men leather jacket styles, the one you picture when you think bold demeanor, fearless living, and adventure all the way. Bearing cropped length, belted at the hem, with notch lapels and diagonal zips, the first biker jacket was created in 1928 by Irving Schott for Harley-Davidson.

A typical biker jacket today should bear all the signature design aspects of that jacket to be called a biker jacket. Given the smart look one can achieve by wearing a biker jacket over a variety of outfits, its popularity is unsurprising, and very much recommended for you!

2. Field Jackets

Field jackets or British motorcyclist jackets have a more functional design than classic biker jackets. Though bearing similar four-pocket leather jacket styles of biker jackets, field jackets are longer and less fitting than classic biker jackets. The belt is present at the waist to cinch in the puffiness. Add the zipper closure, and it is perfect to keep the wind out when you're out on long rides.

This type of jacket is more useful for bikers and motorcyclists and less of a fashion choice, but if you pair it with the right causal top and bottom, you've got yourself a superb outfit!

3. Puffer Jackets

Next up in leather jacket styles for men is the puffer leather jacket. The puffer jacket may not sound very fashionable, but add leather to the mix and it's probably the most dapper leather jacket of the lot.

If you’ve recently adopted a boujee style, a puffer leather jacket is about to fit in seamlessly. And yes, the "puffer" part of puffer leather jacket styles is a lot more toned down than regular puffer jackets. This outerwear garment checks all the boxes for a chic winter wear look: cozy, comfy, trendy, and versatile.

4. Bomber Jackets

Cropped length, slightly puffy sleeves, ribbed neck, sleeves, and hem—that's a typical bomber jacket in a nutshell for you. These jackets are widely popular and appreciated by those who love to mix elegance and comfort in leather jacket styles for men.

The best part about bomber jackets is that they can be paired with a business casual look. Since bomber jackets are usually crafted out of leather, which is water-resistant, and lined with fleece, it's one of the most dashing choices for warm outerwear one can adopt in the cold weather.

5. Aviator Jackets

Aviator jackets may once have been the functional garment for those who lived their life for service in the skies. Today, these leather jacket styles happen to be a popular choice for the fashion-savvy. These have become a popular street style choice for both men and women.

The signature aspect of the aviator jacket is the fur lining along the collar, sleeves, and hem. Aviator jackets and bomber jackets are often confused with one another. The easiest way to tell these apart is the edges, where aviator jackets bear fur trimmings and bomber jackets have ribbed ones.

6. Varsity Jackets

Varsity jackets are a timeless favorite, loved by all who want to add some vigor and zeal to their style. Combine the regular fleece or jersey varsity jacket with leather, and you’ve got another must-have for your closet if you love those contrast sleeves and letterman patches!

The only drawback of varsity leather jacket styles is that these belong to the casual-only territory. Unlike bomber or biker jackets—which can be sported with formal button-downs and pants for a relaxed work environment—varsity jackets are limited to everyday looks. However, they help create amazing effortless airport looks!

7. Café Racer Jackets

Another one of the classic yet contemporarily relevant men leather jacket styles is the café racer jacket. Made out of leather, it has a banded collar and snaps to close at the neck. The zipper is usually sealed all the way up to the collar to achieve a truly jaunty look.  Oftentimes, the collar is going to make use of snaps to close it. Sometimes a zipper might go all the way up to the top of the collar.

Traditional café racer jackets were named after lightweight motorcycles used by soldiers to race between cafes. You may or may not be into racing, but you can definitely get on board with the trend of café racer jackets if you’re looking to broaden your fashion choices.  

8. Coach Jackets

Looking for a trendy and versatile leather jacket styles that pairs well with both casual and work looks? How about a coach jacket?

It's a classic windbreaker-style jacket with slashed pockets and a fold-over collar. It's not only smart but also a sensible choice for chilly weather. Go for a genuine leather coach jacket and you've got yourself a jacket for well-rounded minimalistic looks for years to come!

9. Blazer Jackets

Who says blazers have to be boring? If you're a fan of blazers in general and need something with more oomph—or even if you find yourself on the opposite end of liking blazers—you're going to love these styles of leather jacket for men.

Enter: leather blazers, a combination of classic-meet-modern structure and comfort. The collar, cut, and pockets may be styled like those in a blazer, but the buttery smooth tan or black overall exterior screams leathery refinement. Granted, it's not an easy leather jacket to adopt especially if you like the more rugged traditional biker or bomber jackets, but there's always room to experiment, right?

10. Trench Coat

Last but not least, trench coat-style leather jackets. There’s not much left to imagination if you haven’t seen one, because this bears all the features of a typical trench coat—only you get leather instead of cotton twill.

While quite stylish, trench leather coats are best worn only for really cold weather, as genuine leather can be quite snug to don. A longer leather jacket is best if you live in or are traveling to icy cold regions.

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