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Article: Pros and Cons of Different Leather Jacket Types

Pros and Cons of Different Leather Jacket Types

Pros and Cons of Different Leather Jacket Types

When choosing leather jacket types, you’ve got two options: real leather and PU leather.

While PU leather is not actually leather, the look and feel, not to mention the fine process of high-quality PU leather, makes it a candidate to consider. Nevertheless, there's no competing genuine leather.

Types Of Leather Jackets – And Their Pros & Cons

We’ll be discussing the two types of leather jackets so that you can find out which one is the choice for you!

Real Leather Jacket

Made out of animal hide or skin—the popular option being cowhide, sheepskin, or even pigskin—real leather features an unmatched charm!

Bomber, aviator, biker, and more, whatever leather jacket types you consider, the real thing is a winning option. It's an investment indeed. Real leather jackets are termed luxury products for a good reason, as it takes skill and hard work to create one, all the way from extracting and tanning the animal hide to crafting it into a wearable form.

However, like most things, real leather also has a few downsides. While the perks of owning a genuine leather jacket far outweigh its drawbacks, you should know these to make an informed decision. Take a look at each aspect of a real leather jacket.

Pros Of Leather Jacket (Genuine)

A real leather jacket is a luxurious item. It’s the epitome of high-end chic fashion and effortless style. Every fashion savant should have a select few essentials in their wardrobe in any season, a genuine leather jacket being one of these.

A real leather jacket has a distinct look. No matter how high the quality of a faux leather jacket you own, it just won’t bear the same sheen and suppleness of genuine leather—which gets more refined as time passes!

PU leather is quite durable. Real leather jackets have such impressive longevity that they have been passed down from one generation to the next! With good care and maintenance, your real leather jacket will maintain that signature shine and texture for years to come.  

Cons Of Leather Jacket (Genuine)

PU leather is expensive. There’s no way around this if you want the real thing. The material and process of leather jackets both cost, which bumps up the price of the final product. If you do find a “real” leather jacket for a low price, then it’s likely that it is PU leather. It may be hard to differentiate if you are a leather novice, but the quality will change with time and you’ll know whether you in fact own real leather.

A PU leather jacket is apt to damage. Take water exposure, for instance. Real leather is highly absorbent, and even a drop of water can affect it. Contact with other fluids is out of the question, as you may not be able to get the stains out. Easy susceptibility to damage also means that you need to pay attention to leather jacket maintenance and invest in a good leather polish and conditioner to maintain its sheen and integrity. 

PU leather is not real leather. This is one of the major drawbacks of PU leather if you consider leather jackets as investment pieces. Not only will a PU leather jacket not last long, but it doesn't carry the same imposing effect as a real leather jacket.

PU Leather Jacket

Next up in leather jacket types: PU (Polyurethane) leather jacket. Also called a faux leather jacket, it is made of a type of plastic. The better the quality of the material, the better it imitates real leather, and the final look is quite chic. You can find PU leather in jackets, as well as shoes and bags. It may be hard for many people to tell high-quality PU leather goods apart from genuine leather ones at first look and use, but the difference becomes evident with time.

Pros Of Leather Jacket (PU)

A PU leather jacket costs a fraction of what you'd pay for a genuine leather jacket. If you've always dreamt of rocking a smooth, supple leather jacket but fall short on affordability, a fine PU leather jacket may be the next best thing (read Top 10 Leather Jacket Styles For Men).

PU leather is easier to clean. As mentioned earlier when talking about real leather jackets, cleaning can be quite a chore if you own a leather jacket that doesn’t do well when in contact with water. On the other hand, you can easily wash a PU leather jacket without worry that it will change or deteriorate the material.

PU leather is also lightweight. If you live in a mild climate region with shorter winter months and occasional rains—thus eliminating the need for something extra-cozy—PU leather works comfortably. It provides protection from chill without being too snug.

Cons Of Leather Jacket (PU)

PU leather has minimal resistance to exposure as compared to real leather. When considering types of leather jackets, you should know that PU leather does not have the durability of real leather. It may not last you for more than 2-3 years, and that too with great care.

PU leather bears a chemical scent. One of the things leather enthusiasts love about a fine genuine leather jacket is that “leathery” smell. Unfortunately, PU leather can’t imitate that, and to add to the blow it has a chemical smell instead.

A PU leather jacket can peel after some time of use. While PU leather withstands water in terms of cleaning, constant exposure to humidity means that it will eventually start to peel away from the lining. This happens faster if you live in a humid region.

PU leather is not real leather. This is one of the major drawbacks of PU leather if you consider a leather jacket as an investment piece. Not only will a PU leather jacket not last long, but it doesn’t carry the same imposing effect as a real leather jacket.

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