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Article: How To Choose The Perfect Leather Jacket For Your Body Type

How To Choose The Perfect Leather Jacket For Your Body Type

How To Choose The Perfect Leather Jacket For Your Body Type

There aren’t many clothes in your wardrobe which never go out of style and pair well with nearly every casual outfit. A leather jacket is it—that perfect, treasured belonging. Of course, that’s only true if your jacket is well-fitting. Picking out a leather jacket that feels like it was made for you is vital to achieve a superb look and feel awesome every time you don it. Always, always choose a leather jacket for your body shape.

Question is, how to pick a leather jacket that suits your body type? We'll tell you how to choose the perfect leather jacket in this brief that your next pick comprises both style and substance.

How To Select Leather Jackets For A Flattering Look

Whether you are a first-timer at leather jacket shopping or a proud owner of a few leather jackets that make you feel like you live on the edge of things, there’s always something more to know about how to choose a leather jacket.

Shopping in-store is usually simpler, but if you need to buy leather jacket online due to your love for a brand's quality and the look of the jackets, this guide will help you.

Let’s begin by pairing leather jacket types with body types to choose the perfect leather jacket. Fashion experts have defined certain body types according to what shape they resemble, and brands around the world adhere to these body types when designing and producing clothes.

In short, there is an ideal leather jacket for your body type, and we’ll help you pick that.

Rectangular Figure

This body type is where shoulders, waist, and hips pretty much align with each other, creating a straight look. There's little room for any "curvy" jackets, otherwise, the sections can bulge out instead of conforming to the body's curves.

We Recommend: Pea Coat-Style Leather Jacket

This type of leather jacket usually features a short length, double-breasted fronts, large buttons, and vertical pockets. Choose the perfect leather jacket for a rectangular shape by opting for the pea coat.

Oval Figure

Slimmer shoulders, wider chest and waist, and going narrow again below the navel—that’s an oval body type. When you choose the perfect leather jacket here, the goal is to align the form and adds a little bulk to the shoulders.

We Recommend: A blazer or trench coat-style leather jacket.

These are usually cinched in at the waist, thus creating an illusion of a narrower waist and broader shoulders. A stiffer design may work well to prevent the base from turning in. 

Triangular Figure

Narrow shoulders and the figure gets wider as you reach the legs—that’s a classic triangle body type. To choose the perfect leather jacket for this figure, focus on adding bulk to the top and going for a straighter cut at the hem.

We Recommend: A Structured Blazer

Much like choosing a leather jacket for an oval body type, choosing one for triangular figures also involves choosing a stiffer jacket with a broader shoulder. This is the leather jacket for your body type if you want a fitter outlook with good mobility all around.

Inverted Triangle Figure

Broad shoulders and narrow waist and hips make up the classic gym-buff figure fashion experts have named the inverted triangle. The leather jacket for your body shape will have to be more snug at the collar to align the form.

We Recommend: Unstructured Jacket

O for something relaxed yet flattering. An unstructured jacket has minimal bulk at the shoulders and a puffier middle. This type of leather jacket is not only for reshaping form but also to add comfort.

Trapezoid Figure

A trapezoid is often the sought-after form for models and others who focus on a body shape that appeals to the masses. We say be happy in your own body and choose a well-fitting jacket for your own style preference.

We Recommend: A classic bomber jacket

Inspired by classic flight or ‘aviator’ jackets, bomber jackets are both functional and chic. This type of leather jacket is shorter and fitter than your traditional leather jacket, perfect for a trapezoid body type.

Helpful Tips On How To Choose the Perfect Leather Jacket

Ready to shop for the perfect leather jacket? Here are a few things to consider before you take your pick:

  • Choosing a leather jacket that suits your body type can be confusing, since you may often place yourself in more than one body shape category.
  • And that’s perfectly fine; these rules for body type vs. jacket type aren’t set in stone—you can always experiment. You can choose the perfect leather jacket based on what makes you happy.
  • However, given that a high-quality leather jacket—particularly a genuine leather jacket—is a considerable investment, getting your size wrong the first time may become a hassle down the line.
  • Don't forget that genuine leather does mold itself to the wearer's figure over time—one of the many awesome reasons why genuine leather jackets trump synthetic leather jackets in terms of functionality.
  • Thus, the leather jacket for your body shape may not be the jacket that you first wear. When buying a leather jacket, you may have to forgo perfection for the first few experiences.
  • A jacket that feels a couple of inches larger all over is more likely to fit better down the line, while an exact fit may give an uncomfortable snug feel down the line.

In the end, choose a jacket that makes you feel the best, comfort-wise, and how you perceive your figure in your reflection. These tips are aimed to help evolve your style and improve your confidence.

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