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Article: The Ultimate Guide to Leather Jacket Care and Maintenance

The Ultimate Guide to Leather Jacket Care and Maintenance

The Ultimate Guide to Leather Jacket Care and Maintenance

Owning a genuine leather jacket is a joy indeed, and you want that supple, soft smooth feel to last forever. However, that’s only going to happen with proper care and maintenance. We have a complete leather care guide for you to follow!

A Simple Ultimate Guide to Leather Jacket Care and Maintenance

Leather is not as forgiving as denim, which requires comparatively less upkeep. As charming as it is to own a leather jacket, you also get some work to keep its allure alive for a long time. With great power comes great responsibility—and here, with a nice leather jacket comes the need to invest time and effort in caring for it and maintaining it.

Let's get started: Here are a few guidelines for leather jacket care and maintenance.

Machine Wash – Yes Or No?

Here’s what you need to know about how to maintain your leather jacket: It is processed from organic material—cowhide or sheepskin—which contains natural oil. By putting your leather jacket through a washing machine, you risk removing those oils.

As a result, your smooth leather jacket may lose all its suppleness once the oil is leached out. And if the leather dries out completely, it may become cracked (which is why conditioning leather goods is always recommended).  While it's possible to re-oil the jacket, the damage once done may remain.

The verdict here for proper leather jacket care and maintenance is that you don't wash a leather jacket in a washing machine. 

Cleaning Your Jacket The Right Way

When it comes to leather jacket care and maintenance, avoid immersion and go for gentle wiping. This rule especially applies to sheepskin jackets, because sheepskin is more susceptible to cracking and shrinkage when exposed to water.

Cow leather is naturally tougher and more durable, but care and consideration are needed for cowhide jackets too if you want them to look immaculate and faultless for a long, long time.

Use a damp cloth to wipe away any grime and stains on your leather jacket. For more stubborn residue, go for soapy water cloth cleaning, and give your jacket a second wipe of clean water cloth to remove soapy residue as well. 

Drying A Leather Jacket

Leather jacket care and maintenance 101: If you put a leather jacket through a dryer, it will shrink. And when it does, it may also get cracks. Hence the reason if you have an oversized jacket, you never follow that internet trick of shrinking the jacket by machine drying it.

As for drying your leather jacket when it becomes wet after a cleanup, air dry only and avoid direct sunlight. Don’t store your leather jacket till it is completely dry or you risk having a moldy smelling jacket. If you want to adhere to the basic rules of how to maintain your leather jacket, make sure that water does not stick around for long. 

How About Dry Cleaning?

While dry cleaning is generally safer for clothes you would never hand wash or put in a washer—such as a tuxedo or gala gown—a leather jacket is a different story. Much like machine washing, dry cleaning may also remove natural oils in genuine leather, which deteriorates its look and longevity.

You may need to skip the easy way when you’re dedicated to leather jacket care and maintenance. Get your leather jacket dry cleaned only if it is absolutely necessary, like if your leather jacket becomes heavily soiled and cannot be cleaned by wiping.

Make sure to give your leather jacket to cleaners who have experience cleaning leather goods, and ask them if they can clean yours without any damage. Additionally, condition the jacket properly once you get it back from the cleaners. 

Can You Put An Iron On A Leather Jacket?

No. A leather jacket is not the same as a denim jacket, and leather may very well stick to your heated iron, even if it is high-quality genuine leather. Heat is the enemy when we’re talking about leather jacket care and maintenance.

Some people suggest using an iron on a lower setting to remove wrinkles, but that's also quite risky. Using steam for wrinkles is also pointless since you should always avoid moisture exposure to take better care of your jacket.

To keep your leather jacket wrinkle-free, you need preventative measures. Use a proper clothes hanger for proper storage as soon as you take off your leather jacket.

Conditioning A Leather Jacket

No leather care guide is complete without adding conditioning to the mix. Some people confuse polishing the leather jacket with oiling/conditioning it when the fact is that these are two different processes to care for your leather jacket.

Jacket leather polish gets rid of dullness and brings back the shine to the leather. A leather jacket conditioner is a hydrating compound that penetrates the texture of the jacket, softening it and keeping it flexible. This step is a necessary addition to the ultimate guide to leather jacket care and maintenance to prevent cracks and tears.

Polishing A Leather Jacket

For a proper care leather jacket care routine, polish it once you’re done with cleaning and drying. You should polish a leather jacket on occasion even if it does not require cleaning. Polishing the jacket serves the purpose of removing the dullness that comes with exposure to moisture and the sun’s UV light.

How to maintain your leather jacket with a polish? First, do NOT use a shoe polish! You may have a quality polish for your leather shoes, but the leather used in shoes is processed for toughness, whereas a leather jacket is supple and requires a specific-purpose gentler polish. Use a soft brush or thick cloth to lightly apply the jacket polish to your leather jacket, and get that shine back! 

What If The Jacket Gets Mold or Mildew?

Leather jackets are garments that are on the heavier side. Add fleece lining to the mix, and you get a piece of apparel that sneakily retains moisture.

Enter mold and mildew. Bad for your health, and bad for that dashing vibe you achieve with your leather jacket since the smell of mold and mildew is distinct and unpleasant.

To eliminate mold spores from your nice leather jacket, take a diluted solution of white vinegar with water. Use a cloth to dab and gently rub away the mold. Air dry the jacket, and this time make sure to check for any damp spots left before you put it away.

Here's a useful tip: Go for a lighter leather jacket if you want to avoid the frequent problem of a moldy-smelling leather jacket. Read Leather Jacket Styles For Men For Ideas In Buying Your Next Jacket. 

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